Sunday, December 14, 2014

Not Finished Fighting

Ugh.. 330.0

I was up a pound last week and went into the 'poor pitiful me' mode.. and gained 4 more pounds. Yeah, so that OBVIOUSLY didn't work out for me. I spent a lot of time letting my inner critic kick me around, and for DAYS she let me believe that I couldn't do this. I felt that I couldn't start again, and fail again, and start again, and fail again, and fail again, and fail again. I felt that drastic measures were needed, and that was the only way I would ever have success at this.

Man, I REALLY don't like her. She's hard to shut up sometimes, even with chocolate.

I did learn a lot this week; however.

Change your inner talk.
I learned that I need to check the way I talk to myself about several things. If I say 'I hate walking on the treadmill' I will not walk on the treadmill, but if I say 'I would rather walk outside, but when that's not possible the treadmill will work' well, that sounds a lot nicer, doesn't it? What we say and how we say it has power. In other words - check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Lean on others.
It's important to surround yourself with people who believe in you. When you do not believe in yourself, let their belief in you carry you. I'm sure my husband is exhausted from carrying me around so much. This week he reminded me that I am strong, that I am an overcomer, and that no matter what I look like he loves me but he KNOWS I have a strong spirit, and that this will not break me unless I let it.  Even today I started up my 'woe is me' diatribe and he shut me up real quick. I didn't even get a sentence out.

Eat from home.
These past few weeks I ate from home a very small number of times. When I did take my breakfast & lunch, it was very clean and healthy. All the meals that I ate out were not. It seems like a simple concept, but this will be crucial to my success. I must not compromise on the time it takes to set myself up for success.

Do what you love.
I like to kick ass. Yep, there it is. I'm a fighter. I LOVE karate, I like boxing, kick boxing, and all of those things. There is a UFC gym right down the road that I am just chomping at the bit to join. I'm going to go check them out tomorrow, but unless they are doing some spectacular promotion I'm sure a membership with them is just a pipe dream. I will be observing karate classes at two different dojo's on Wednesday and Thursday. It's time to make a decision and start rocking out with karate again.

Be okay with the decisions you  make.
My husband has been working 70+ hours a week. When he called to ask if I could go to the deli he manages and hang out a little bit, I went! My mom came up to visit for the weekend. We ran around and had a blast! I chose to do all of these things, and I need to be okay with them.

I hope these things help you along your journey!

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