Sunday, February 8, 2015

No Facebook February

'No Facebook February'. It's a thing. What would you do with out a month of FB? Read more? Engage more with you family members? Do the dishes? I have desperately tried not to just replace my FB time with more time on Pinterest, and ya'll - that struggle is real. I did get several friends decided to join me on my campaign, and I have actually sent snail mail! I started off with just plain note cards.. and then the muse came to visit. 

I have a best-good-friend who I have been friends with since junior high who has lived all over the world and has sent me birthday cards, anniversary cards, and packages just because. I love getting the packages, but have not sent her ONE SINGLE THING. In fact, her birthday card from December is filled out and stuffed in a folder somewhere. I'm just awful at it. She was the first on my list to send a little somethin'-somethin'. The envelope is hand painted yellow with black dots on watercolor paper. That lovely lady is Frida Kahlo (left-overs from my day job) that I cut out and glued down. The writing says 'If you would please be so kind as to send this to the esteemed and lovely Mrs. Gautney. It would make me and my eyebrows very happy!' Inside each fold are different pockets. One pocket has shrinky-dink film cut for jewelry for my friend and her tweenage daughter to create together, a second pocket contains a four page letter and some note cards for my friend. I also put in a puzzle packet for her son, and some silly little wormy things for her husband. I got the inspiration for the pockets from here via Pinterest.

This week I received a card from a friend that I have known since Pre-K. So, here's what she's getting in her letter:

Her and her husband do cross fit.
Is there an unappropriated time for a Ryan Gosling meme?
Note to self: download a more than absolute basic  photo editor

I have officially JOINED A DOJO (cue applause reel).  I am loving the way that is headed. It feels so good to be learning again and working towards a goal. I've been slipping on my nutrition and working out, so this week will be focused on buckling back down on that. I did loose 11.6 pounds in February! Some clothes are fitting looser, and that feels great! Now is not the time to get comfortable!!

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